item. 103 - paperroll mix, 1-ply

papermix - cellulose/recycling

1 ply

diameter of roll ab. 20cm

width of roll ab. 19,5cm

weight of roll ab. 1,1kg

grammature of paper 1x30g/qm

spiral core 6cm diameter

centerfeed roll, removal inside and outside

with low perforation

high whiteness, good quality

264 rolls on pallet

packed 6 rolls in foiled bag

44 bags on pallet


delivery time germany: 1 day

delivery time europe: ab. 2-3 days


price: 1,89€ per roll

price: 498,96€ per pallet

plus delivery costs

pallet (264 rolls)

593,76 €

  • 290 kg
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